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Gallery Connection February 2010

Writing MonogramWorks

As I write this, I am stealing precious moments from the final development of MonogramWorks. You’ll see it soon. It has been a large project for me and everyone here at Designer’s Gallery, and I thought the process might be of interest to you. Continue Reading…

Posted 9 years, 8 months ago at 9:07 pm.

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I’m now also blogging on Ann The Gran.com


So give them a visit if you haven’t been there in a while!



Posted 9 years, 9 months ago at 9:12 pm.

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Gallery Connection November 2009

Overcoming the 7 Fabric Challenges
I’ve never seen a succinct list of the fabric ‘issues’ in embroidery, so let’s make that list and discuss the problems and solutions:
1.) The fabric ‘pulls’ or ‘puckers up’ because of the tension applied to embroidery thread.
2.) The fabric ‘pushes out’ from being squished flat under the embroidery.
3.) The fabric is a loose knit or weave, therefore stitches that are close together wind up in the same needle-hole.
4.) The fabric has a nap which can poke up in-between the embroidery stitches.
5.) The fabric gets perforated by the needle which can weaken or even cut out a hole.
6.) The fabric slides around in the hoop.
7.) The fabric gets marks from the hoop, A.K.A. ‘Hoop Burn’. Continue Reading…

Posted 9 years, 10 months ago at 8:54 pm.

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Gallery Connection Sept ’09 – Editing Basics

I thought it would be useful to cover the basics of editing designs, merging them together, sizing them, etc. It’s one of the most requested and used features of our software, so much so in fact, that you can do some editing in virtually any of the programs. Let’s take a visual tour of what’s available…

Home Sweet Home

Continue Reading…

Posted 10 years, 1 month ago at 5:27 pm.

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Gallery Connection August ’09 – Project Advisor

Hi Everyone!

Last month we took our Stabilizer Quiz, “Which stabilizer were you?” They are all great and very much necessary! And that thought led me to think about the project types out there. There’s a lot available to use an embroidery machine on. And how do you do it? What changes when you go from a structured hat to an unstructured one? Maybe you just stick some stabilizer in either of them anyways, right? “The more the merrier,” right? Er, well not really. Continue Reading…

Posted 10 years, 1 month ago at 1:11 am.

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Gallery Connection May ’09 – Jargon Junket part 2

Gallery Connection May 2009

                Hi everyone!  Last month I took you on a jargon junket, exploring the mysterious language of computer hardware and specifications. My plan was to expose the terminology in an accessible way, or at the least with some entertainment value.  Since it was to be a two-part series, perhaps I better continue, lest our editors take offense. Continue Reading…

Posted 10 years, 4 months ago at 1:07 am.

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Gallery Connection June ’08 – Personalizing with Lettering

Ah, Spring – it’s already here in the Southwest as I write this. Mothers’ Day is just past – and I’m sure breakfast in bed would’ve been nice, but maybe you at least got a nice brunch out of it. And if you were lucky, perhaps you got a call from the kids. But now that it’s all over, take some time for yourself. Hang out in your sewing room, spend some time with Nancy (Did you know there’s DVDs available for when she’s not on air?) and maybe do a little bit of quilting or finish up a UFO. (Heaven forbid!)

Now, if you’ve got the itch to make something simple, there’s always an embroidery project that you can do with lettering. It helps to keep the creative juices flowing to create some lettered projects. If you need another excuse, it’s also good to get the gears of your machine into motion. Continue Reading…

Posted 10 years, 4 months ago at 4:20 pm.

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Gallery Connection July ’08 – HoopWorks Revisited

Some years ago, I think it was 2001, I noticed a trend: People wanted bigger designs from an embroidery machine with a smaller hoop. At the time, software was really just becoming popular and the idea of using software to ‘split’ a big file into smaller ones was not too farfetched. Soon 3-day workshops were being taught and it seemed that the future of embroidery was to be Large. Continue Reading…

Posted 11 years, 2 months ago at 12:58 am.

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Gallery Connection Mar ’08 – Help and Support

This month’s Gallery Connection is dedicated to education and all those wonderful people who help us get more use and enjoyment out of our products. Thank you!

 If you get the “Gallery Connection” then you probably surf the web on a regular basis. It’s truly amazing, isn’t it? How did we live, only ten years ago, without being hooked-in? How did we live without forums, online chat, email, live web casts, driver downloads and iTunes®? Continue Reading…

Posted 11 years, 6 months ago at 12:56 am.

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Gallery Connection Sept ’07 – Holiday Sewing

Wow, can you believe how fast time passes? Summer is over, kids are back to school, and sewing for the fall holidays is about to begin. Okay, maybe you’re not ambitious about it. But we’re only a few weeks away from Halloween. If we actually start this week, we’re right on time! Maybe too we can get a bunch of projects done which will get us through the holidays. I hear you cynics at home, “Yeah, right.” Well, let me be your cheerleader at least. Continue Reading…

Posted 12 years ago at 12:37 am.

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Gallery Connection July ’07 – Monogram Placement

I’ve been traveling a lot lately, meeting many of you in towns such as Phoenix, Beaver Dam, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago and many other wonderful places. While making new friends and sharing experiences, I’ve learned that some time-worn techniques get forgotten by a lot of us, and are new to many people who’ve only recently joined our hobby. For instance in Nashville recently we were discussing monogramming a man’s shirt cuff. This leads to a couple discussions, which I pass along to you here: Continue Reading…

Posted 12 years, 2 months ago at 12:35 am.

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Gallery Connection – May ’07

The art of fabric embellishment has been around for as long as fabric itself. And we know that thousands of years ago, Egyptians were embroidering. Today, we see much commercially embroidered fabric used both in fashion and for interior decoration. And although it’s everywhere around us, seldom to we embroiderers begin a project with embellished fabric. Personally I think this is a result of the availability of embroidery designs, or lack thereof. Continue Reading…

Posted 12 years, 4 months ago at 12:32 am.

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Gallery Connection Jan ’07 – Finishing those UFOs

Ah, January! White sales, full parking lots at the gym, and New Year’s resolutions! Let’s take a moment and see if we can get the sewing year off to a good start, too. For me that means taking time to complete some UFOs, organize those designs I’ve been downloading, and finally get around to monogramming those shirts that I’ve been meaning to. Here’s how I’m going to do all this: Continue Reading…

Posted 12 years, 8 months ago at 12:30 am.

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Gallery Connection Nov 2006 – Studio TMP function

This article is a continuation on Designer’s Gallery Studio, which is one program I cannot live without. One of the most useful features is the TMP, or Temporary setting. It saves you time and also saves space on your hard drive, helping eliminate clutter. Continue Reading…

Posted 12 years, 10 months ago at 12:22 am.

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Gallery Connection Sept ’06 – Studio Drag and Drop

Designer’s Gallery Studio has been around a long time, but is still one program I cannot live without; so up-and-coming articles will discuss some of this program’s details, features and shortcuts. Continue Reading…

Posted 13 years ago at 12:20 am.

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The Gallery Connection – June 2006

Many of you are discovering our Interactive design collections, and word is spreading fast. This month we’re shipping the fourth title, Floral Accents. I believe Interactives represent the future of embroidery, so let’s take a closer look. Continue Reading…

Posted 13 years, 3 months ago at 12:17 am.

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Gallery Connection May ’06

As the creator of Designer’s Gallery, I have been privileged with a column in the e-news! This let’s me share with you some of my favorite tips, tricks and techniques. We want to help you get the most out of our products, and join with us in the creative process. To that end, we always welcome questions and suggestions. Continue Reading…

Posted 13 years, 4 months ago at 12:14 am.

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