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Embrilliance Thumbnailer

Hi, everyone;

We’ve been busy lately, so my posting is a bit slow. But I wanted to let you know about a new product called “Embrilliance Thumbnailer” which let’s you view designs in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. If you’ve ever wanted to simply ‘see’ your embroidery on your computer the same way you see jpegs and bitmaps, this is the solution. I know you want the details! Ok!

MSRP $44.95 How’s that for reasonable!

And, one serial number can be used for both Mac and Windows PCs.

Which versions? Win XP (32), Win Vista (32 and 64), Win 7 (32 and 64), Mac OSX 10.5 and later. (OSX 10.5 gives you CoverFlow so you want to upgrade!)

How do you buy it? Well, you could go over to www.Embrilliance.com (we have more info on the product there) and click on the Store link at the top of the page. Or, ask your sewing machine dealer. Or, look in Nancy’s Notions catalog. If you buy from our www.Embrilliance.com site then you can get the download versions immediately.

Happy Embroidering!


Posted 7 years, 11 months ago at 8:14 pm.


Microsoft is Killing my Productivity – Part 4

From my last post:

As Office, Vista, Visual Studio and Internet Explorer all have horrible issues making them virtually unusable, I’m wondering how long it will be for a competitor to take some market share. Continue Reading…

Posted 9 years, 1 month ago at 6:07 pm.

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Microsoft is Killing my Productivity – part 3

More? Yes more.

Vista and the UAC thing. No I’m not going to complain about what you think. I don’t mind a mode that asks me if I really clicked that button. I can turn it off, which I’ve naturally done. No the thing is that Microsoft has no brain in their organization, and if they do, that person is locked away somewhere. Continue Reading…

Posted 9 years, 1 month ago at 6:03 pm.

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Microsoft is Killing my Productivity – part 2

I have repeatedly tried this Vista thing. And I’ve decided to warn you all about it. This is my fourth Un-Install of Vista. So let me start with what’s going on: It is S-L-O-W. Continue Reading…

Posted 9 years, 1 month ago at 5:42 pm.

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Microsoft Software is Killing My Productivity – Part 1

I have never seen a company implode as fast as Microsoft seems to be doing. I am a long-time user of many of their products, and I have to say how disappointed I am. Worse, I cannot get away from them because I make products for you, who mostly use their operating systems.

So let me complain about some specifics: Continue Reading…

Posted 9 years, 1 month ago at 5:31 pm.

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