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My Trip to Missouri and Illinois

I was in St. Louis last week. Got to see the arch during a nice little traffic jam. It made for an interesting place to be stuck in traffic – here’s the iPhone photo:

Traffic at the Arch

Traffic at the Arch

Also I went over to Calico Country in Carbondale, IL. (Go Salukis) We had a couple nice days and the events went well. We talked about Interactives, CustomWorks II and MasterWorks. There was a glitch with serial numbers on the DensityWorks boxes, but by now that’s been resolved.

Coming home Sunday morning, I took Hwy 3. It was beautiful! Even got to see Chester, IL, home of Popeye.

Thanks to all my new friends in Southern IL!

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Sew Vac Event in Maryland

Janice at Sew-Vac, Ellicott City, MD

Janice at Sew-Vac, Ellicott City, MD

We had a great event on Saturday at Sew-Vac in Maryland!  We got a chance to explain and show the Designer’s Gallery products and Adorable You!  We even made a shirt together.

Thanks to everyone who attended!

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Sally Cheney posted some photos of my event…

I always have fun when I’m hanging out with Sally and Lee. After the last event I did in Nashville, Lee took me out on his sailboat. He even let me have a good long turn with the tiller!

Sally put up some photos from the event, so I thought I’d put the link in here.



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