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Convert It, Mac – StitchBunny Compatibility Update

Here’s a bit of fun hacking we went through this week: Back in the early 1990’s Pfaff offered a  Mac version of their software, PC Designer. As they haven’t supported it for many years, and it won’t run on Intel Macs or any recent OSX versions, you would assume the program wasn’t used anymore.

Not true! There is still an active MacPfaffie community. Continue Reading…

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Gallery Connection October 2009

The Gallery Connection October ’09 – Embroidery Software Basics

Typical Embroidery Application

Typical Embroidery Application

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Gallery Connection April ’09 – Geoffrey Chaucer Explains The Computer

As I begin to write this April Gallery Connection Article, Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales come to my mind. It is pure wordplay, not at all informative, but fun nonetheless: The producers of the e-news have tasked me with providing some useful computer knowledge to you. I couldn’t resist inserting something beautiful into an article that will surely test the limits of your endurance for things technical. Continue to bear with me please, as this computer info is part one of two; the second will bring the embroidery software lingua franca under scrutiny, and this monograph will prepare you for that undertaking.

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GNDLL – Embroidery File Format DLL

Many companies around the world want to read and write formats for different embroidery machines. But this is not so easy. The companies that make these machines do not publish the file specifications – in fact they do not want other companies to use them. What makes our products so unique is that we can read and write just about any embroidery format. And we do offer our GNDLL which will read and write most of these files for lease. It is the most popular embroidery-format dll of it’s kind and it handles more formats than any other in the world. If you have used any embroidery software in the last 10 years, the odds are that you have used some of our technology.

Posted 13 years, 7 months ago at 2:26 am.

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