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Gallery Connection November 2009

Overcoming the 7 Fabric Challenges
I’ve never seen a succinct list of the fabric ‘issues’ in embroidery, so let’s make that list and discuss the problems and solutions:
1.) The fabric ‘pulls’ or ‘puckers up’ because of the tension applied to embroidery thread.
2.) The fabric ‘pushes out’ from being squished flat under the embroidery.
3.) The fabric is a loose knit or weave, therefore stitches that are close together wind up in the same needle-hole.
4.) The fabric has a nap which can poke up in-between the embroidery stitches.
5.) The fabric gets perforated by the needle which can weaken or even cut out a hole.
6.) The fabric slides around in the hoop.
7.) The fabric gets marks from the hoop, A.K.A. ‘Hoop Burn’. Continue Reading…

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Love of Sewing Retreat in Providence, RI

We had a great time at the Love of Sewing retreat in Providence. A big hello to the Blue, Yellow, Green and Red groups! Red – you gals were a lot of fun, but I’m still blushing.

Here’s a photo of Nancy Zieman giving one of her talks. Sorry about the photo quality.

Nancy Zieman

Nancy Zieman

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Gallery Connection October 2009

The Gallery Connection October ’09 – Embroidery Software Basics

Typical Embroidery Application

Typical Embroidery Application

Continue Reading…

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Make Mine Freedom

Continue Reading…

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My Trip to Missouri and Illinois

I was in St. Louis last week. Got to see the arch during a nice little traffic jam. It made for an interesting place to be stuck in traffic – here’s the iPhone photo:

Traffic at the Arch

Traffic at the Arch

Also I went over to Calico Country in Carbondale, IL. (Go Salukis) We had a couple nice days and the events went well. We talked about Interactives, CustomWorks II and MasterWorks. There was a glitch with serial numbers on the DensityWorks boxes, but by now that’s been resolved.

Coming home Sunday morning, I took Hwy 3. It was beautiful! Even got to see Chester, IL, home of Popeye.

Thanks to all my new friends in Southern IL!

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Sew Vac Event in Maryland

Janice at Sew-Vac, Ellicott City, MD

Janice at Sew-Vac, Ellicott City, MD

We had a great event on Saturday at Sew-Vac in Maryland!  We got a chance to explain and show the Designer’s Gallery products and Adorable You!  We even made a shirt together.

Thanks to everyone who attended!

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Convert It, Mac Compatible with Snow Leopard

So Mr. Jobs and the team at Apple released an updated OS X called Snow Leopard. We were nervous. But then got word from some of our customers that Convert It, Mac is working fine! Hooray!

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I Taught at Convention After All

So after some worrying about it, Chris came up with a solution – for me to teach the classes at BLT via Webex. So we tried it and it worked! Three days of Selling Designer’s Gallery classes with no significant tech problems. The only issue with teaching this way is that it is hard to get feedback from the audience. You can’t see their faces and they tend not to respond because they forget that you’re ‘live’. Anyway I’ve had lots of positive response so we pulled it off successfully. Still, I’d rather have been there.

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Flu killed my convention

Each year I look forward to Baby Lock Tech, our annual dealer convention. But this year I won’t be attending.

See, I got the flu last week. Even though I’m over it and the doctor says I’m not contagious, people will still worry. The ‘swine flu’ epidemic has everyone scared. It’s better not to have the concern, so I’m not going.

Stay Well!

Posted 9 years, 12 months ago at 2:08 pm.

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Microsoft is Killing my Productivity – Part 4

From my last post:

As Office, Vista, Visual Studio and Internet Explorer all have horrible issues making them virtually unusable, I’m wondering how long it will be for a competitor to take some market share. Continue Reading…

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Microsoft is Killing my Productivity – part 3

More? Yes more.

Vista and the UAC thing. No I’m not going to complain about what you think. I don’t mind a mode that asks me if I really clicked that button. I can turn it off, which I’ve naturally done. No the thing is that Microsoft has no brain in their organization, and if they do, that person is locked away somewhere. Continue Reading…

Posted 10 years ago at 6:03 pm.

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Microsoft is Killing my Productivity – part 2

I have repeatedly tried this Vista thing. And I’ve decided to warn you all about it. This is my fourth Un-Install of Vista. So let me start with what’s going on: It is S-L-O-W. Continue Reading…

Posted 10 years ago at 5:42 pm.

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Microsoft Software is Killing My Productivity – Part 1

I have never seen a company implode as fast as Microsoft seems to be doing. I am a long-time user of many of their products, and I have to say how disappointed I am. Worse, I cannot get away from them because I make products for you, who mostly use their operating systems.

So let me complain about some specifics: Continue Reading…

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Sally Cheney posted some photos of my event…

I always have fun when I’m hanging out with Sally and Lee. After the last event I did in Nashville, Lee took me out on his sailboat. He even let me have a good long turn with the tiller!

Sally put up some photos from the event, so I thought I’d put the link in here.



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Gallery Connection Sept ’09 – Editing Basics

I thought it would be useful to cover the basics of editing designs, merging them together, sizing them, etc. It’s one of the most requested and used features of our software, so much so in fact, that you can do some editing in virtually any of the programs. Let’s take a visual tour of what’s available…

Home Sweet Home

Continue Reading…

Posted 10 years ago at 5:27 pm.

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New Website

Well, it’s been a long time coming and we’ve finally gotten to it – rebuilding this website. Continue Reading…

Posted 10 years ago at 3:00 am.

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Gallery Connection August ’09 – Project Advisor

Hi Everyone!

Last month we took our Stabilizer Quiz, “Which stabilizer were you?” They are all great and very much necessary! And that thought led me to think about the project types out there. There’s a lot available to use an embroidery machine on. And how do you do it? What changes when you go from a structured hat to an unstructured one? Maybe you just stick some stabilizer in either of them anyways, right? “The more the merrier,” right? Er, well not really. Continue Reading…

Posted 10 years ago at 1:11 am.

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What About Free Embroidery Designs?

Do you think building a stash of free designs downloaded from the internet is the best way to build your embroidery library? While you can find some well-digitized designs that are free for downloading, the likelihood of building a large library of good designs just this way is extremely small. Here’s a short list of reasons why you may want to buy designs. Continue Reading…

Posted 10 years ago at 6:14 pm.

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How to Machine Embroider on Ribbon

Find out more about Lindee Goodall.

Posted 10 years ago at 6:02 pm.

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Convert It, Mac has QuickLook Plugin for CoverFlow!

We’ve made an addition for Convert It, Mac – a QuickLook plugin for the OSX 10.5 CoverFlow. Download it now!

By the way, it is free and it really works! Just download the demo version of Convert It, Mac.

Posted 10 years ago at 4:53 pm.

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