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Gallery Connection Jan ’08 – Studio III Released!

This month’s Gallery Connection is a special one because we have just released Studio III! This release is the result of a tremendous amount of effort over a very long time. It represents the first re-write of my original “Designer’s Gallery” AKA “Studio” since its debut in 2000. Before we get into specifics about Studio III let me first answer several of your questions:

 Can owners of Studio/StudioPlus upgrade for a reduced price?

Yes! See your dealer for details.


Do I need to own ColorWorks in order to upgrade?

It does not matter for upgrading, and Studio III includes ColorWorks functionality.


I’m happy with my current Studio, and wonder, “Are you’re leaving me behind?”

Owners of the existing Studio/StudioPlus are still being supported. We are currently working on another free update to Studio/StudioPlus, which will be version 2.57 and will improve some file formats. We have these tested and working in Studio III, and we’re putting them in Studio 2.57 to ensure that current Studio owners wouldn’t feel left behind.


Why re-write a program that is already great?

Because times have moved us on to doing things that weren’t available in 1998, when Studio was originally being crafted. Back then we were mostly running Windows 95. The Internet was a newcomer, and many folks were still just figuring out how to turn on a computer. Today users and programs are more sophisticated; file formats hold real thread colors, including variegated; image formats are being used more as people learn to digitize; network drives and USB drives have supplanted floppies in dominance, and computers have grown more powerful. In short we needed an overhaul to accommodate all this.


I just got used to my current Studio. Am I going to be starting all over?

No! The new Studio has a very similar look and feel – with a few differences that we know you’ll love. It’s really been crafted to make things easier and with no confusion.


Will my current SizeWorks/DensityWorks and other tool packs work with Studio III?

You betcha! We’re keeping full compatibility with those tool packs.


So now let me give you some highlights, Okay?


If you’re new to all this, Studio III is The Must-Have embroidery program. Yes, that sounds like a pitch from Mr. Popeil’s late-night infomercials, but it’s also true. In fact I wrote the program because these were the things my embroidering friends and I found we needed all the time. To do embroidery you need some basic computer functions, and nothing makes it as easy as Studio.


Finding and organizing your designs, is a start. Studio let’s you view, convert from and catalog designs (newly added EMB/JAN/ART42/ART50!) and images (new – GIF, TIF, JPG!) by clicking on the folder or individual Zip file (new feature!). You can rearrange files and folders, rename files and folders, extract files, open files, convert to most machine formats, copy them, color sort, baste, make them a bitmap, create notes, send them to a floppy and even make an SHV disk image for Viking Designer 1 machines (new feature!). Additionally, you can browse from your desktop or network drives easily in the updated Browser.



But wait, there’s more…


…You can record the location of designs by keyword in the updated Catalog, which is now visible all the time (if you want to) and much more easily understood. The existing Catalog.BL file still works so don’t worry about losing that work you’ve spent with Studio in the past.


Adjust colors, convert a design into a real thread palette with a single click (new feature!), and use StudioColor functionality (like the old ColorWorks) to insert, remove and change colors one at a time, as well as ‘play’ the design forward or back to see how the design will stitch out.


Color-match real threads using a new tool using an algorithm designed to improve upon old-fashioned RGB matching (which messed up pastel shades). This means that if you’re missing the correct thread, you can select something similar in another brand very easily. You can even hold a real-world item (maybe a piece of fabric) up to your screen, and with minimal effort, find a matching thread in the (also new) Detail Window, which is much larger and displays the color information better.


Another new tool in Studio III is the Layout. Quickly perform simple layout operations such as merging designs together, mirror, rotate, and scale (without stitch recalculation). This also allows you to zoom in on a design to get a better look at it before stitching it out.


The Project Advisor has been brought in to Studio III. This tool allows you to select a style of embroidery project, for instance ‘cotton/poly’ or ‘structured hats’ and adjust fabric thickness and stretch. The Advisor then provides you with recommendations for needle type and size, stabilization top and bottom, and also gives advice on procedures to do the embroidery. This patented feature has been around in DensityWorks for several years and we got to thinking that everyone needs a little help now and then, so we moved it and updated it for Studio III.


Okay, so I’m a proud Poppa. Why not? We work really hard to make these things perform well and easily. And how many things today are made in the USA? Made by people who care and understand what you want it to do? We also have a help line and email answered by folks who do embroidery and speak plain ole ‘merican English. And we have a great set of dealers to encourage you, teach you, to help you get the most for your money.


So enjoy Studio, Studio III and the Designer’s Gallery line.

It’s made for you with heart!


Until next time, Happy Embroidering!



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