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Gallery Connection Sept ’07 – Holiday Sewing

Wow, can you believe how fast time passes? Summer is over, kids are back to school, and sewing for the fall holidays is about to begin. Okay, maybe you’re not ambitious about it. But we’re only a few weeks away from Halloween. If we actually start this week, we’re right on time! Maybe too we can get a bunch of projects done which will get us through the holidays. I hear you cynics at home, “Yeah, right.” Well, let me be your cheerleader at least.


         Let’s start with costumes. Recent years have put the (grand) kids in cheapo plastic costumes and taped-on capes from BigMart. Ugh! Anything homemade looks better, and all the children are wearing the same six outfits. Worse, these days kids aren’t just going up the street with their friends on Halloween – no, we’re taking them to safe places with other kids and parents whom we know. So where is the pride of our sewing skills? What happened to that competitive spirit? Let’s make it fun again! Take some Simply Trims loops, braid or soutache and you can make some ready-to-wear item into a pilot’s shirt, a fisherman’s wardrobe, or the next lady superhero. (Maybe add some fringe too.)


         Next, have you ever thought about embroidering a personal logo or your family crest? It’s not that hard. Not only is it getting easier, it’s also getting less expensive with the addition of MasterWorks Lite. I know it sounds like a beer, but it’s really a very useful and easy-to-learn digitizing program. If you’ve been holding back, now is the time to do it. You can have it digitized in time to make all kinds of stuff for the holidays and reunions. How about adding some digitized pieces to a scrapbook? Many couples were married between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and this is an opportunity to make some keepsake in remembrance of the anniversary.


         How about those times when you aren’t feeling creative – but you know that you want to make something. That’s what Dining In Lace is for. With its built-in themes and many variations, you can make freestanding pieces of heirloom quality lace – and not have to think too hard about the project. Put in some wash-away mesh stabilizer and go read the latest Nancy’s Notions catalog. Relax with a cup of hot tea, or talk to you daughter on the phone. Dining In Lace can keep your machine busy, making you look good. Drink Ids, Wine Duvets and Napkin Rings are items easily set up on the machine and run. They make nice gifts, and are useful when family visits. All the people around you will finally understand how neat-o your new sewing machine really is!


         Do you want something to give as gifts? Let’s not forget those old standbys like embroidered towels – hand towels, tea towels, etc. And let’s face it, they’re easy, useful, and the recipient does not have to have them on display year ‘round. (Just when you come to visit.) Tea towels are the best because they are so useful. Think about something that your person (or maybe a secret Santa recipient?) is into as a hobby. Now go find some line drawings for that topic on the Internet. It’s not hard today with Google Images. Take the image into QuiltWorks II and use the wizard to make a redwork design out of it. Embroider on the tea towel (maybe a pair?) and voila! You have an awesome gift.


Until next time, happy embroidering!



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