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Gallery Connection Nov 2006 – Studio TMP function

This article is a continuation on Designer’s Gallery Studio, which is one program I cannot live without. One of the most useful features is the TMP, or Temporary setting. It saves you time and also saves space on your hard drive, helping eliminate clutter. It is perfect for members of S.A.D.D. (Seriously Addicted to Downloading Designs). Is this you? Perhaps, to some extent, this is all of us. I’ll use a worst-case example, so please read on…

 …Sometime ago you download a design from the Internet. It is in a zip file, and perhaps the wrong format for your machine. You collect a lot of designs, hoping someday that you’ll use some of them. Since you have so many designs, you decide to put them on a CD, which saves space on your hard drive. You have even cataloged the design in Designer’s Gallery Studio so that you can find it easily. And now you’re ready to use that design on a Golf shirt! Oh, yeah, this’ll be fun! But what are the steps?

 First, you’ll need to find the design. Start by putting the CD into the computer’s drive. In the Studio ‘Catalog’ tab, you check the box next to the category where the design ought to be. (If you don’t know which CD the design is on, Studio will tell you, if you hover the mouse over the disk image where the file should be.)

 Second, make sure the TMP setting is on. There is a TMP display on the Studio status bar at the bottom of the Studio window. If you do not see TMP displayed, click the TMP button on the Studio toolbar. That should turn on the TMP in the status bar. Get used to how this works, as it is very useful for Studio and other programs.

 Third, click the OTF (On-the-Fly) or Auto Baste button on the toolbar. This unzips the file and converts it to you preferred format. If it is a little too big for your hoop, Studio will rotate and/or resize it for you. If you chose Auto Baste, then you’ll even have a baste color added to the start of the file. The baste is handy for design placement and/or using a topping stabilizer like Solvy, which I highly recommend for Golf shirts.

 Fourth, put the design on your machine; either drag-and-drop, double click, etc. (Depends on your machine/software). And stitch out your design!

 When you close Studio, the ‘unzipped, resized, rotated, converted and basted’ copy of the design will be deleted from your hard drive! All you will be left with is your original design, still on the CD, and your embroidered Golf shirt. No clutter, no ‘read-only’ error messages, just one simple step for all the conversions. It’s like making dinner at home, but without the cleanup!

 ‘Til next time, enjoy!


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