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Gallery Connection Sept ’06 – Studio Drag and Drop

Designer’s Gallery Studio has been around a long time, but is still one program I cannot live without; so up-and-coming articles will discuss some of this program’s details, features and shortcuts.  One of the coolest and most useful features is Drag and Drop. Dragging is a term that describes moving the PC’s mouse while holding the left mouse button down. After you have dragged, you ‘Drop’ by releasing the mouse.

 This basic mouse technique allows you to move and copy files, select items, etc. In Studio, you can left-click-down on a selected file (or files) and drag them to another folder, or even another program! When you drag and drop into Studio’s ‘Browse’ window, you are copying the files into the folder you’ve dropped on. When you drag and drop into Studio’s ‘Catalog’ window, you are asking Studio to remember where that file is, based on the category you’ve dropped it in.

 You can also drag to other windows, programs, etc. For instance, many users have some embroidery software that writes a card or disk for their machine. Most of these programs can be dragged and dropped on.

Here’s how:

1.) Run the program.

2.) Select a file in Studio (even if it is in a zip!)

3.) Drag the file from Studio and drop it onto the other program.

 If you have a direct-connect machine like Baby Lock’s Ellegante or Embroidery Professional, you can even drag the files right to the machine’s window which shows as a disk drive on your computer!

 Now here’s a trick: If the Studio window is hiding the other program’s window, you can still drop on it! Drag the files from the Studio window over to the task bar (at the bottom of your computer’s screen) where the other program is listed. Hold there for a second or two. (Do NOT let go of the mouse button yet!) After you have hovered there for a second, the other program will come to the top. Now, you can continue dragging the files onto that program, and drop wherever you have to. It’s a fast, easy way to get files from Studio into other software, particularly if that software is needed to write files to your machine.

 Other techniques for selecting files are sometimes overlooked:

Ctrl-A (your keyboard’s Ctrl and ‘A’ keys simultaneously) selects all files in the thumbnail view.

 Shift-Click (keyboard Shift and left-mouse button) selects a range of files, from the last one highlighted to the one you shift click on.

 Ctrl-Click (keyboard Ctrl and left-mouse button) selects multiple files (on/off by shift-clicking again) where the files do not have to be next to each other.

 Until next time, Happy Mousing!


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