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The Gallery Connection – June 2006

Many of you are discovering our Interactive design collections, and word is spreading fast. This month we’re shipping the fourth title, Floral Accents. I believe Interactives represent the future of embroidery, so let’s take a closer look.

 Did you just ask, “What’s an Interactive design?” An Interactive design is an embroidery design that can modify its own shape, size, stitching and composition with any number of options. When you use an Interactive, you get more than a design. You get options for that design provided by the artist who created it, and a simple program that lets you control those options.

 As you adjust the design to suit your needs, the design re-digitizes itself for you.

 How about an example: Imagine embroidering a blouse. You may want to put flowers on the collar. Maybe add matching designs on the cuffs, and perhaps something more substantial for the top of the buttonhole placket. With Floral Accents, you pick a flower design, such as a rose, pansy or African violet. Adjust the size to fit. Add some vines and leaves. Go around a corner. Match an angle to the collar. Use matching floral letters on a handkerchief. You’ll have a complete set of custom designs perfect for the job – with no digitizing because the Interactive does it for you.

 Interactives live up to their name in another way. Interactives work together. Designs from one collection can work within designs from another. Backgrounds, color schemes, designs and lettering are interchangeable. So as your collection of Interactives grows, the number of possibilities grows even quicker.

 I’m often asked how many designs come in an Interactive collection. It’s a very hard question to answer. With a traditional design collection it’s easy. If you have a design and provide it in two sizes, that’s two designs. If one has a rose and one has a daisy, that’s two designs. But with Interactives, you have so many options with design detail, shape, angle and size that the number of combinations routinely runs into the millions. For instance, the snowflakes, which comprise just one page of seven in Christmas Traditions can generate over 11 million different snowflakes – and that’s not including size changes. The first tab in Floral Accents (there are 10 tabs in two sections) has 15 floral centers, 17 leaf shapes, 9 branch shapes, 4 types of stitching, unlimited angles, leaves that grow or shrink, curve flexibility, etc. You have to see it to realize what you’ve got. You can combine and play to your heart’s content. How many designs? Probably more than you’ll ever be able to stitch out. That’s value. And that’s why I think the future of embroidery is in Interactive designs.

 I’ll leave you with a Label-making tip for Floral Accents:

Select the third Frame tab, ‘Frame Accent’ and adjust the height and width as small as it will go. That’s about 1-3/4” each way. Then turn off the ‘Inside’ leaves. This provides more space for lettering. On the Interactive side, type in a name and make the letters as small as they will go. That’s less than 1/4” tall.  You now have a nice garment or quilt label!

 Have fun!


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