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Convert It, Mac – StitchBunny Compatibility Update

Here’s a bit of fun hacking we went through this week: Back in the early 1990’s Pfaff offered a  Mac version of their software, PC Designer. As they haven’t supported it for many years, and it won’t run on Intel Macs or any recent OSX versions, you would assume the program wasn’t used anymore.

Not true! There is still an active MacPfaffie community.

Well, we had no great way to test our output of PCS (Mac) files except to rely on customers because we simply didn’t have the program or an old enough Mac to run it. But we heard from some customers that they were using our files through a no-longer-available program called StitchBunny.

Curious and willing, we spent some time on the web, and get this: We actually got a copy of PC Designer running in OS 9 Compatilibity on OSX 10.5! Thanks to some hacker-ware from SheepShaver and a lot of noodling around, we were able to not only run the program, but update our files so that they will open in the old PC Designer. We tested against version 2.2.

Note: We don’t think this is an option for people who need the program to actually talk to your machine. We doubt the hardware aspect will work. But it did let us do an actual test.

One of the quirks of the early Mac OS 9 is the mechanism used to register a program type with a program. Once we got past that hurdle (it is easier today with OSX), we realized some folks never tied .PCS files to their PC Designer. Maybe they never digitized their own designs? We dunno. But the folks who made StitchBunny way back when had a creative idea to differentiate Mac .PCS from Windows .PCS. (The files, though named the same, are different.) What that developer had done was to use .PCSMAC as an extension.

We didn’t know, because we used the old Amazing Designs extension .PCM.

If you’re still reading, here’s the summary: We’ve added .PCSMAC to the output extensions for Convert It, Mac and we also adjust the Mac OS 9 ‘Creator Codes’. This means users of the old program can, for real, use Convert It, Mac to create files!

For many MacPfaffies around the world, this bit of spelunking on our part may provide new embroidering joy!

We hope so!



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  1. WTG! to use your genius for good instead of evil : D

  2. Hi,
    Mel Patrick was the developer of StitchBunny and Flutterwhumper, a digitizing program. StitchBunny allowed you to convert from PES to PCS for the Pfaff Designer 2.2. It also let you sew-out the design in 3D on the screen, change colors, delete sections and save if you wanted to in DST format for BabyLock and Brother machines. The SB also allowed you to send the designs to the PC Designer that let you change “clean-up” designs before sending them to the sewing machine via Keyspan port. I took Mel and Carol Patrick’s classes/seminars each a week long, WONDERFUL! They still have a website. It is WabbitWanch.com or something close to that. They maintain the MacPfaffies Website. FYI. Genny

  3. Unfortunately they have moved on and no longer offer anything for embroidery. But there are many who thank them for their efforts during those years.

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