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Convert It, Mac

New product!

www.MacEmb.com is the place on the web for embroiderers who don’t do windoze!

Convert It, Mac is like our Studio product, but native for Mac OSX users!  They have suffered long enough with Parallels or some virtual machine. Now they can use their embroidery designs natively in OSX.

Convert It, Mac is the first fully-featured embroidery design cataloging and conversion program for Mac. Supporting PPC and Intel Mac OSX including leopard.

It writes D1 disks and USB sticks, reads virtually every format and writes almost everything. Color Sort, Auto Baste, colorize, unzip, print catalogs and full-size templates and more!webConvert_boxcover

See our Mac website: www.MacEmb.com

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2 Replies

  1. Sheila Genser Nov 6th 2009

    Are you planning on developing a digitizing program for the Mac?

    I am presently using Embird, but would love to see a digitizing program for the Mac.

    Also, do you use beta testers? I would be very interested in helping to beta test a Mac digitizing version.

    Sheila Genser, djgenser@cox.net

  2. Hi, Sheila; We are working on a system for lettering, editing and digitizing. It’s a big process involving several man-years of work. The stuff behind the scenes is coming together. We’ll keep you posted. -Brian