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Bits from Brian, July 2010

    This month, I want to take a peek at some Studio III features which are often overlooked.


    As many of you know, I’ve give Designer’s Gallery seminars from time-to-time, and usually I will include Studio in my presentation because so many of you have it. At a recent Love of Sewing Retreat with Nancy Zieman I met a group of embroiderers who had Studio but weren’t aware of many of the things it does. When shown, they were fairly shocked, because it has things to make life easier for us embroiderers.


   Most of us have technology that does more than we are aware. And sometimes that’s just because different people need different things. For instance, I write my articles in Microsoft Word. And I use just the basics. I’m certain that for a lot of people the mail-merge is an absolutely critical feature. I’ll never use it. Probably. But if Microsoft was to sell that feature separately, it wouldn’t make much sense, and would be hard to install, etc. It is included in Word because that’s where it belongs.


   With that in mind, there are some features in Studio III that I’d like to let you know about. Maybe you’ll use them someday, now that you know they exist.


   One feature included with Studio III is the Project Advisor. This tool allows you to select a style of embroidery project, for instance ‘cotton/poly’ or ‘structured hats’ and adjust fabric thickness and stretch. The Project Advisor then provides you with recommendations for needle type and size, stabilization top and bottom, and also gives advice on performing the embroidery. This patented feature has been around in DensityWorks for several years and we got to thinking that everyone needs a little help now and then, so we added it to Studio III.

 Project Advisor Cropped



   Another feature is that you can convert a design into a real thread palette with a single click. Then you can save the design. Now there is a catch, however, and that is the file formats do not all display real thread colors. So our suggestion at this time is for you to convert into PES or VP3 and then colorize the file. Having a file converted into your favorite thread brand can be very useful, especially if you own a Madeira Thread Chest!

Detail Window

    A new tool in Studio III is the Layout. This lets you quickly perform simple operations such as merging designs together, and also mirror, rotate, and scale (without stitch recalculation). This also allows you to zoom in on a design to get a better look at it before stitching it out. You can even measure parts of the design which is helpful for design placement.

 screen untitled

That’s probably enough for today, but next time we’ll take a look at a few more useful features.

 Until then, Happy Embroidering!



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