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Microsoft is Killing my Productivity – Part 4

From my last post:

As Office, Vista, Visual Studio and Internet Explorer all have horrible issues making them virtually unusable, I’m wondering how long it will be for a competitor to take some market share.

By the way I don’t think it will be Mac. I think it will be the open-source community. As I look at my system preference, I use XP Pro ( the best OS ever made by man), Word 2003 (OK  but there are freeware replacements), Notepad2 which rocks over Notepad, FileZilla FTP (Free), Thunderbird email (Free), Firefox browser (free).

Other stuff we use here at BriTon Leap:

InstallShield 6.2. The last decent one.

SeaMonkey – FREE HTML editor

Inno Setup – FREE Install program

DreamWeaver – nice HTML editor, but they won’t let me use it on my 3 PCs all of which are only ever touched by me.

Adobe FrameMaker. Nice for book creation. Buggy, but an industry standard.

Adobe RoboHelp: Build help files from Framemaker. Very buggy but workable. Darn nice to have.

Corel X3. A great program for drawing. Very buggy through the years, but this one is mostly workable and only crashes occasionally.

Skype – free calls!

Snagit – a nice screen capture.

Tortoise SVN – software repository software that’s  FREE and wonderful.

WinHex – a wonderfully useful (hexadecimal) editor.

Notice that there is a balance of free stuff (which we actually contribute toward) and paid stuff. That’s because I really only care about stuff that works. I’ll pay if it works.

In October, Windows 7 will debut. I haven’t tried the beta of it yet. And I’m not going to touch it for as long as humanly possible. Until they fix the basic operating system, I just don’t care if it comes with a free program that let’s me watch TV.


I installed Windows 7 a few weeks ago. I can’t tell if I like it or not because the Visual Studio 2008 system barely runs on it, so I have nothing really left to do within that OS. But I did try the new Visual Studio 2010 on it, and although it is slower than XP, it is better than Vista and VS2008. So when VS 2010 comes out, we’ll probably switch, as long as it’s compatible with XP, Vista and Win 7.

But honestly, there is no compelling reason for an average user to switch off whatever they’re currently using to get Windows 7.

Cute kid in the TV commercials, though.

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  1. I agree, MS does seem to be moving backwards.

    Also, a good combination of free and purchased software makes for a nice toolbox!

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