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Microsoft is Killing my Productivity – part 3

More? Yes more.

Vista and the UAC thing. No I’m not going to complain about what you think. I don’t mind a mode that asks me if I really clicked that button. I can turn it off, which I’ve naturally done. No the thing is that Microsoft has no brain in their organization, and if they do, that person is locked away somewhere.

Here’s why:The security issues we all face are really viruses and root-kits, etc. These are code that affects Windows. So did the security items addressed in Vista change Windows? No! Not in several important ways. But what they did was screw around with you the user, your files and your application’s files.

See applications have data. You like a green background? It needs to store that. Maybe you write a macro. It might want to store that. So in some cases applications would reasonably store some of those settings in a local folder with the application. Now, Microsoft says, “Oh no, you are not allowed to do that!” You have an “Application Data folder, and we’ll not tell you where it is.” They do not protect users, nor improve quality of the experience with this attitude. It seems like it was designed to force users to buy new versions of their programs. It is a total crock of hypocritical nonsense.

Hypocritical? Microsoft mixes their own operating system with dlls from anything that’s ever been installed. It’s a folder called windows/system32. It’s been a hodgepodge melting pot of code from all over your system, and there is not now nor ever has been a way to tell what comes from where, what’s legit or not, and all of it is EXECUTABLE CODE. If Microsoft gave half a gray cell toward security, they would have protected the OPERATING SYSTEM from tampering with a ‘Did you really do this?” UAC operation.

They didn’t. But they did make all the decisions about the structure for YOUR files. You just got used to My Documents or simply C:\Documents and Settings\Brian\Documents…. etc.

Then they went and moved it around! Now you’re in Users. Ok for the OS, but if you had the guts to attempt an Upgrade to Vista, it takes seemingly years to run – because it is moving all your files whether you want that or not. And it doesn’t tell you. There’s no option. It’s not for security – the folders work the same. It’s just an ego trip for some committee at Microsoft. If they really cared, they’d shut down the OS from tampering and leave the rest of the computer for it’s owner.

As Office, Vista, Visual Studio and Internet Explorer all have horrible issues making them virtually unusable, I’m wondering how long it will be for a competitor to take them to task.

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