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Microsoft is Killing my Productivity – part 2

I have repeatedly tried this Vista thing. And I’ve decided to warn you all about it. This is my fourth Un-Install of Vista. So let me start with what’s going on: It is S-L-O-W.

Now before I get attacked by people who want me to turn off stuff, it’s all off. No AV. No Indexing. No Aero. Quad-core, 4Gb, new system with MSDN Vista Ultimate 64 clean install. So don’t give me the hardware is the issue bunk. Tried it on mutiple systems with similar results. So here are some problems:

Took a system to scratch that was running XP Pro. Compile time for one library averaged 15 seconds. Same system, Vista 64, Visual Studio 2008, same, all updates applied. Really EXACTLY the same software except XP vs. Vista64. Compile time: 2:29.

You wanna hear the wierdest part? There is a resource monitor in Vista. It is not showing anything slowing me down. CPU is loafing – 4%, running at 100% of speed. Disk is running, but not maxed, and the advanced caching is on. Memory is only at 76%. So it looks like Vista simply refuses to give the full processor to the compiler. I have tried everything Google has to offer. Nobody knows.

(Fun Fact: XP in Parallels running VS 2008 compiles the same code in 45 seconds on a several years old MacBookPro.)


I had IE7. It worked fine. Then Microsoft updated it maybe a couple months ago. That made it really slow. Oh a window opens up right away, but try to scroll it. It dies. 9 seconds go by. Now the window works.

Ok you say it’s maybe a network thing? So I download Firefox. It’s free and super small. It works great. By the time my finger is off the button the page is loaded. Well, I ask, maybe there is caching at work. Nope. I can reload, follow strange links, etc. IE Simply doesn’t work anymore. This is on my XP system too, by the way. I look at Google, and yes there are complaints. The answer from Microsoft? IE8. Ok got it. No better. In fact I can’t tell why they bother. So now I have to use the FREE Firefox browser.

So my computer is really slow, and their explorer tries my patience.

XP, IE6 no problems.

Can’t buy that? Get the next best thing – a Mac.

And I’m NO FAN of them either. They have their heads you-know-where too. (up their iPhones, which makes them money, I suppose, since I have one). Their hardware is chintzy, the keyboards missing important things, and what’s with the ‘chin’ on the iMac? It’s huge! And USB slots at the back? gotta getta hub. Duh. It’s the 00’s, Steve, we use two buttons on a mouse, ‘Delete’ removes the character after the cursor, backspace goes back, and it’s really ok for applications to have menus.

Okay, so XP. Now I load Office 2007. Then every time I print, Word crashes. My old Office 2003 didn’t do that.

And to make matters worse, whenever I’ve used Word, now my ‘My Computer’ takes 30 seconds to open up. My solution – don’t open Word. And while we’re on it, why on earth do they force a new format .docx. Are they really thinking that we won’t just set it to .doc. I’m not going to recommend anybody buy Office, so I’m not going to saddle them with a .docx.

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