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Well, it’s been a long time coming and we’ve finally gotten to it – rebuilding this website. Due to the fact that we don’t actually sell anything under our brand, I never considered the BriTon Leap website important. But lately we’ve been getting some traffic, and it really is poor form not to have a neato-site these days. Like not combing your hair or brushing your teeth, I suppose. So I twisted the arm of my friend and trusted colleague, Lindee Goodall to get this thing up to speed. She suggested WordPress, which I have some experience with, and in a manner of mere hours, we were able to create this which you see before you.

Now before you complain, I like the black background and I’ll change it when I want to. See, I’m crazy, and I like to be different. I also like a good single malt scotch, so if you want to affect change, you’ll probably need a bribe too.

Anyway, if you’re here, and you’re still reading this, you too probably¬†wander the path less traveled. Or perhaps enjoy a wee dram too. So enjoy the articles, video(s) and whatever else we come up with. And please don’t forget to visit the sites under our links. They get lonely if you don’t click on them.



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