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Gallery Connection Nov ’08 – Holidays are Here Again

Hi, Friends!

         At an event recently I asked if we had any crazy quilters with us in the audience. Now you can read that any way you like; “Crazy” quilters, of whom I am sure there are some, or “crazy quilters” who use decorative stitching on their projects. Me? Well maybe I am both!

         I have noticed that many crazy quilts today are being made with braid, trim and ric-rac, but I didn’t have a project for myself until recently. I was thinking of a simple project to do for the holidays – we like to add something to freshen up the look in our house every year. And thus I thought up the idea of doing another one of those pre-printed tree skirts. But that seems a bit boring on its own, so what about stitching out some ric-rac trim from our Interactive, Simply Trims? Then, using a twin needle, stitch it down. Don’t worry about a pattern; just let it drift along, wandering, filling space. (You know, that’s kind of like how I feel when I’m going through Costco.) Anyway, that’s not too bad of a project idea, if I say so myself!

          Now, every year my wife, Tonya, makes me go up in the attic and bring down all those boxes full of holiday decorations. Have you noticed that every year when we unwrap the ornaments we find some that have seen better days – but do we toss those out? No, no! We re-wrap them and put them up for next year. What? Is there some universal law against throwing away ornaments? It seems so. Finally I put 2 and 2 together and realized that this was why our grandmothers invented those crocheted and heirloom ornament covers. You probably have it, so I’ll just remind you that in the Interactive, Christmas Traditions, there are over 10 million ornament cover possibilities – and – you can create them for virtually any size ornament that you have. If you do just a couple each year, you’ll need another tree! How about this idea; give some away when you go to that endless series of holiday parties.

          The team here at Designer’s gallery has also had another brainstorm; they came up with some really nice projects in our introductory-priced Interactive, Gifts Galore. The team had fun making these up, and included are some simple Christmas ornaments, Fall- and Holiday-inspired projects, etc. But one thing stands out for me is that many of these can be done quickly and by persons of little skill. What this means is that if you’re gifted with some time with a child / grandchild and you want to share your hobby with them, you have projects that you can do with persons of limited patience! Maybe that’ll plant the bug in them to be creative in the future. Well, I can dream can’t I?

          I guess my point is that we generally want to do crafts, sewing and embroidery for the fall and holidays – but by the time we get started it’s already too late! These are just a few ideas that we can do when the insanity is in full swing; and that will help keep the holiday spirit alive.

 Before I go, I’d like to shout out a big “Hello!” to my friends in South Carolina, sunny California and beautiful Denver! You’ve all shown me great hospitality and we’ve had a lot of fun together. Thanks!

 Until next time, Happy Embroidering (and quilting)!


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