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Gallery Connection Sept ’08 – New Toys to Play With!

Hi all! This month I have a few things on my mind that I want to share with you. This is an exciting month for the sewing industry. We have so much new stuff to play with including our newest top-of-the-line sewing and embroidery machine, the Baby Lock Ellisimo! I can’t wait to get that machine going. Also we have a new Interactive design collection for you, Gifts Galore! More on that in a moment, but I’ll let you know now that it has a terrific price making Interactive Gifts affordable for everyone.


But first something silly but rather important; what do we call ourselves? As I travel I cannot help but notice that Quilters are always Quilters, Embroiderers are always Embroiderers, but Sewers are sometimes called Sewists. Is that because Sewers can also be pronounced like the underground waste-removal pipes? So in print we have that ugly moniker and thereby we have invented a new word? The word describing people who sew has been around since the 14th century. Additionally, sewer has the definition (according to an online dictionary) of a medieval servant who supervised the serving of meals. (Hmmm, that doesn’t sound too farfetched from modern times either does it?) When a similar dictionary search of “sewist” is performed, naturally no matches are found because there is no such word. Now, I’m not opposed to new words, so maybe we need it. I think we need your input on this. What would you, those who sew and (often) deliver meals, like to be called when you see yourselves in print? My vote? Hey, I sew so I am a sewer. Cogito ergo sutum.


Next up is the latest Interactive, Gifts Galore. This is cool. First thing I’ll get out of the way is the price, which is a substantially reduced price so that more of you can enjoy the Interactive Experience. You’ll have to see your Baby Lock dealer to get the actual price. Sorry, I can’t print it here. The reason is that Gifts Galore is a set of projects (more than a dozen!) that are mostly constructed In-The-Hoop and make a nice set of hands-on classes or can be the basis for a club, which many dealers will run. This issue of the Designer’s Gallery e-news is likely to be littered with wonderful ads and project links for this new collection, but let me give you a list of some highlights: There is a cover for your MP3 player or iPod (and you can ask the grandkids’ which ones they’ve got – we do the measuring for you!), an Autumn Leaf 3D napkin, napkin ring, a Candle Wreath with beautiful freestanding poinsettias, a Child’s Mobile, Christmas Ornaments, 3D Flowers, Hot Pads, Party Coasters, Luggage Tags, Checkbook Covers, Wine Glass Coasters, Place Cards and more! We’ve worked hard on this and the instructions for all the projects are included for you to print out. This is also the ideal thing to have when you want a simple project to share with the younger potential sewers in your family.


This month I also had the wonderful opportunity to make some videos that introduce our Designer’s Gallery products with none other than Pam Mahshie, the Baby Lock National Ambassador. I’ve worked a little bit with Pam for the last ten years and let me just say it was a great experience. If you get a chance to go to one of the Baby Lock sponsored events such as the Love of Sewing Retreats with Nancy Zieman, find Pam and say, “Hello!” She’s also a great one to answer project-related questions.


While making the above videos, I did get a ‘sneak peek’ at the new machine. All they’ll let me say is, “Wow!” So when you get a chance, check in online or at your dealer’s store. I know, it’s all shameless promotion, but I know many of the folks who work so hard to bring these product to life (hey, me included!) and their honest hard work is really centered on making this hobby more fun and easier. And we all strive to create inspiring projects that keep the excitement levels up.


Also, by now you can download the latest updates for Studio III and Studio/StudioPlus. While not filled with a huge number of new items (these do so much already!) my team and I have attempted to address every single issue, bug or difficulty that you folks have let us know about. Has any other software company tried this hard to make a product bulletproof? Not that I’m aware of.  I’m still trying to get my latest major Operating System to behave, if you know what I mean.


Friends, until next time, Happy Embroidering (and sewing)!


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