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Gallery Connection Mar ’08 – Help and Support

This month’s Gallery Connection is dedicated to education and all those wonderful people who help us get more use and enjoyment out of our products. Thank you!

 If you get the “Gallery Connection” then you probably surf the web on a regular basis. It’s truly amazing, isn’t it? How did we live, only ten years ago, without being hooked-in? How did we live without forums, online chat, email, live web casts, driver downloads and iTunes®?

 Many got online first to get the ‘free’ designs on the web. Once here, people stay of course, joining forums, sharing files of our own creation, asking questions, etc. For years I have seen the same names on web forums actively helping others. I want you to know that I know of you and thank you! And I know of at least one Designer’s Gallery forum where people have had questions and hand-holding (for free!) for several years now. The moderator is excellent, well-informed, friendly and seemingly tireless. You know who you are!

 Also on the web are our projects, ideas and support from Designer’s Gallery and the Baby Lock education teams. These people love what they do, and many work in the evenings and on weekends creating projects for fun. They love to share and help whenever possible. It has truly been a privilege to have these people in the DG team.

 Aside from web support, which is enormous, we have a number of tools for you:

Let’s start with what you get free: The manual. Have you bought a copy of a “Mega$oft” program lately? Did you get a manual? No? No matter how much we spend these days, it seems like the big software companies cheat us out of our manuals. Guess they figure we can’t read. Of course, some of the products they sell are so bad that it’s obvious they can’t read.

Now I know some of you don’t take well to manuals, but at least it’s there. And for every DG manual I can guarantee one thing; it’s written in English. That’s because it’s the only language I speak. Well, plain old ‘merican English, anyway. Also, if you start at the beginning you’ll find a logical progression through the chapters. If you skip around, and you’re unfamiliar with the products, then you might not ‘get’ everything. Okay, I can’t solve that, but if you start at the beginning and get to know it, you’ll be able to do all that stuff you’re sure it can do, “But just can’t figure out.” Lost your manual? Well, there is the Help system. Did you know that the manual is also fully integrated in the Help system?

          Next, some of you are from the ‘Show Me’ state of mind. Did you know that every Designer’s Gallery program has a tutorial available? Even simple programs like SizeWorks. We know you want ‘it’ to happen for you like magic, and we’re working on that, but in the meantime, sit back and watch.

          Are you ready to venture into actually using the program? But you want a ‘starter’ project? Check out the number of Workbook titles DG has. Some days it seems like even our Workbooks have Workbooks. I’m sure we have more titles in Tutorial and Workbook categories than other companies have titles.

          Would you like to have someone to do the projects with you? Have you looked into classes at your Baby Lock dealer? Don’t feel stranded, or left on your own. All the dealers want you to enjoy your program fully, and most have staff that can help you. Give them a call and set an appointment, sign up for the newsletter, and take a class. If you haven’t checked in with them for awhile, maybe stop back in to see what changes are up. Many of our dealers have gotten educational programs off the ground in recent times. Sometimes it is difficult for them to do, but it is a commitment that they are making every day to you, and they are working hard at it. Who knows, maybe you could help too!

 Do you enjoy educational events? Most dealers have events throughout the year. And there are a number of wonderful educators (and Sewing Celebrities!) that travel to your local dealer to show you what’s new and how to use what you’ve got. You never know, Yours Truly has even been known to get out of the chair and into a store for an event!

 Once again, let me thank and congratulate the Educational team, the Training team, the Quality Assurance team, the Support Team, the Freelance Educators, the Retail educators, the Marketing team and the all those great folks out there just helping because they love to do it! You’re all awesome!

 Until next time, Happy Embroidering!


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